Self Ligating -CERAMIC

Brackets of ceramic braces are made of clear materials and are therefore less visible on your teeth Ceramic brackets are composed of aluminum oxide.new designs of ceramic brackets offer excellent optical properties



Due to extremely high hardness of monocrystalline and have a significant advantage over stainless steel. These braces are commonly used by teenagers and adult patients as they are almost invisible.


Premium -CERAMIC

Brackets benefit both patient and practice by providing uncompromised aesthetics the braces are made of transparent ceramic.


Self Ligating -CHROME

First introduced them in 1933 Self-ligating braces come either in traditional metal, ceramic, or clear brackets.These type of braces deliver quick & better results.Compact and can be easier to clean. Though debatable, you’ll likely experience


Metal Bracket- PREMIUM

Traditional metal braces are still the most popular, quickest, and most cost-effective. Typically made of high-grade stainless steel, traditional metal braces remain by far the most common type of fixed orthodontic appliances. fixed appliances (commonly called braces) will be a major part of treatment and those braces, for the most part, will be the familiar silvery-metal type.